MASUNAGA Featured Retailer - Colette - Paris, France

MASUNAGA is proud to be offerred as a featured collection at Colette in Paris, France. Colette first opened its doors in March 1997 situated along 213 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. Aimed at reinventing the concept of retail, the seven-hundred square- meter establishment, and a team of 50 sales people, adopted the tag line "styledesignartfood" to the business. Having since been internationally recognized as a fashion mecca which successfully redefines a unique blend of modernity and innovation with a twist, essentially, colette is a world of its own spotlighting 2 ultra-creative windows and in-store merchandising displays which alternate weekly, inspiring and educating clientele from all walks of life.

The Colette concept reflects is a mix of new or hard-to-find products from around the world, all of which cater to an ever evolving mix of genres and tastes alike. Customers consider colette as a visionary meeting point, an house which accommodates new labels, exclusives, limited-edition products and high-quality brands, from both the past and present. colette receives 300 to 700 visitors during the day, and 1500 to 3000 visitors during trade shows and fashion-week. Always the same, Never the same.

To see the complete Colette store details, along with info on other featured Masunaga retailers, visit the THE STORES section here.

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