Invision Optometry - San Francisco, CA

At Invision Optometry, Doctors Clifford and Edna Lee know that state-of-the-art eye care should be accompanied by extraordinary eyewear. The doctors provide a full range of services using the latest in technology to diagnose and treat disorders of the eye. Bright and spacious, freshly remodeled and expanded, their Pacific Heights practice is the perfect venue for featuring frames as art. Beautifully displayed are over 1200 frame styles by a wide variety of frame designers. Invision Optometry takes pride in providing quality eye care, a unique eyewear selection, and top-notch customer service.

1907 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115 MAP
Monday-Saturday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday: CLOSED
415.563.9003 phone
415.563.9006 fax

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