May 24, 2017


COLLINS was named after “Collins Avenue”, runs in parallel with OCEAN DRIVE in South Beach, Miami.

OCEAN DRIVE was named after the street in South Beach, Miami. It’s the center of Miami Art Deco District.


Colorful and timeless Art Deco architectures, the beautiful beach and the nightlife of South Beach were inspirations for COLLINS and OCEAN DRIVE.


Feature 1:


The brow parts have a brushed finish on the front and it is accented by polished beveled edges.

All black offers a brilliant contrast between the brushed finish surface and the polished beveled edge.


Feature 2:


Metal brow parts feature stylish two-tone colors with black on the front and gold on the edge.


Feature 3:


It features the lightweight titanium front with beautifully hand polished acetate brow inserts.

December 20, 2016



Feature 1:

While keeping a rich characteristic and its presence of acetate frames,

056 and 057 are engineered to be thinner and lighter to provide the best comfort.


Feature 2:


Staying true to a spirit of our historical frames,

056 and 057 feature silver rivets, five-barrel hinges and custom nose pads.

December 17, 2016



Feature 1:

The sandwich structure with acetate and titanium creates a rich detail

and gives a luxury feel to the frame by the metal parts seen from angles.


Feature 2:

A decorative bridge piece accentuate the whole shape.

Details such as titanium nose pads and three dimensional rivet parts on temples complete the stylish frame.

December 15, 2016



Feature 1:

Classic combination styles redesigned with a modern essence.

By thinning down, the acetate parts are well integrated with the metal parts.


Feature 2:

Engraved temple patterns can be seen through transparent acetate colors and 

this gives the frame a lighter look.

December 13, 2016



Feature 1:


MASUNAGA’s own historical frames from the time of foundation are the inspiration for GMS-196 and

it is updated with a modern essence and the most advanced technology. The fluid form of the bridge evokes the old world craftsmanship.


Feature 2:

The local skilled craftsmen could only complete the development of the flexible cable temples.

The cable temples wrap around ears for a secure fit.


December 12, 2016



Feature 1:

Delicate milgrain detailing on the bridge and temples is created by highly skilled press technology.


Feature 2:

Unique Titanium/Acetate combination designs are on the bridge and temples.

December 9, 2016



WRIGHT was named after Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the greatest American architects.

RADIO CITY was named after Radio City Music Hall, one of America’s greatest Art Deco master pieces.


Feature 1:


This iconic round frame is all metal construction and it features the original wide rim.


Feature 2:



There are two types of color treatments.

(1) Solid metallic colors with hand brushed finish on the rim of which gradually becomes polished on side area.

(2) Two-tone colors with one color on front and the other color on temples.

December 8, 2016



LEMPICKA was named after an Art Deco painter Tamara de Lempicka who was the most fashionable painter of her generation.


Feature 1:


LEMPICKA features lightweight titanium front with acetate brow inserts.


Feature 2:


Beautifully sculpted thin temples are made of Gum-Titanium, a highly elastic titanium alloy.

December 7, 2016



In the 1930s a new form of jazz emerged. Duke Ellington said “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.” The jazz style and the fashion scene of 1930s were inspiration for SWING.


Feature 1:


This stylish men’s frame is all metal construction and it features a titanium front with sophisticated brow detailing. The brow parts have a brushed finish and it is accented by polished beveled edges.


Feature 2:


The beautifully sculpted temples are made of elastic Gum-Titanium. The temples’ multifaceted design offers a brilliant contrast between the brushed finish surface and the polished beveled edges.