December 8, 2016



LEMPICKA was named after an Art Deco painter Tamara de Lempicka who was the most fashionable painter of her generation.


Feature 1:


LEMPICKA features lightweight titanium front with acetate brow inserts.


Feature 2:


Beautifully sculpted thin temples are made of Gum-Titanium, a highly elastic titanium alloy.

December 7, 2016



In the 1930s a new form of jazz emerged. Duke Ellington said “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.” The jazz style and the fashion scene of 1930s were inspiration for SWING.


Feature 1:


This stylish men’s frame is all metal construction and it features a titanium front with sophisticated brow detailing. The brow parts have a brushed finish and it is accented by polished beveled edges.


Feature 2:


The beautifully sculpted temples are made of elastic Gum-Titanium. The temples’ multifaceted design offers a brilliant contrast between the brushed finish surface and the polished beveled edges.